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(Al-An’aam) 6 : 38
*And not any animal on the Earth, nor any bird flying with its two wings except as a community just like you; We have not omitted anything in the Book, then into their Lord they all will be summoned.*

There are 1000 communities including mankind in the world as explained by Lord through His Messengers. Out of this 600 are in water whereas the rest 400 are in the land. It is told in verses 17: 44, 24: 41 and 22: 18 that all creatures are praying, praising and glorifying the Lord Allah by their soul. The spirit (life+ soul) of all the creatures is from the spirit of Lord itself. The difference of mankind from other creatures is that they are bestowed with the intelligence and they are deputed to earth to bear the representation of Lord Allah. So it is the duty of the mankind to cultivate food for all creatures and to maintain air, water etc. in pure by planting trees and promoting organic cultivation aiming for the wellbeing of 1000 communities of creatures in the world. Today the Muslims(Fujjar) who are only reading these verses by rejecting and hiding Lord’s Book have become the Mujirims without utilizing the intelligence. They are the inmates of hell fire from mankind and are the worst creatures among the 400 communities in the land as told in verse 98: 6 and the worst creatures near the Lord among the 1000 communities of creatures as told in verse 8: 22. See the explanation 2: 159- 160, 3: 19 and 5: 86.

*From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book*

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