Is Kayla Simmons or Aubrey Roberts the hottest girl in volleyball?

Fans just can’t make up their minds! That’s why we put together a list of who might be the hottest volleyball player and let viewers judge for themselves!

First, Who Is Kayla Simmons?

Instagram | Kayla Simmons

Kayla Simmons is a Marshall University volleyball player from Gainesville, Florida. According to her bio, she comes from an athletic family. Her father played ball at the University of Florida and her great-grandfather was actually a pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Kayla has one million followers on Instagram.

Next Up, Who Is Aubrey Roberts?

Instagram | Aubrey Roberts

Aubrey Roberts is a volleyball player from Walnut Creek, California. She is majoring in psychology at Pepperdine and would eventually like to go on to become a doctor who specializes in behavior and psychology, according to her bio.

Aubrey Roberts has just over two thousand followers on Instagram.

Is Kayla Simmons Or Aubrey Roberts Better At Volleyball?

In one Instagram video, Kayla is wearing a short sleeve orange shirt and white panties as she spikes a volleyball over the net. The video slows down as she tosses the ball and jumps into the air, but quickly speeds up as she hits the ball over the net.

“Lefty,” one fan commented. “Stud!” another follower exclaimed. “She’s an athlete,” a third fan chimed in. “Gorgeous spikes,” another follower gushed. “Good form,” another fan shared while another follower called her an “Ace.”

Although Aubrey doesn’t have any videos posted to her account, the school’s beach volleyball page is full of videos of the whole team playing, some of which feature Aubrey.

“I hope I’m able to play for this school someday!” one fan commented. “21 and 11….always a thrill to watch,” another follower shared. “I was wondering who was screaming so loudly and it was me,” a third fan joked as other followers lit up the post with fire emojis.

Both Girls Know How To Have Fun In The Sun!

Instagram | Kayla Simmons

Only a few days ago, Kayla took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her standing waist-deep in the ocean. She is wearing a bright pink bikini top that barely covers her large chest. She placed her thumb against her lower lip, showing off her blue manicured nails as she smiles for the shot.

“Quick dip,” she wrote in the caption. “Absolutely stunning,” one fan commented. “Insanely gorgeous!” another follower exclaimed. “I bet that ocean is the warmest it’s ever been,” a third fan teased. “She’s perfect,” another follower chimed in. “Great photographs! Fabulous beauty and a wonderful smile!” another fan gushed.

Instagram | Aubrey Roberts

In an Instagram post that she captioned ‘laid up,” Aubrey is showing off the definition in her toned abs as she lies back in the sand on a striped beach towel. She paired a blue bikini top with black and white polka dot bikini bottoms as she stretched out in the sun to work on her tan.

“My god, you’re hot,” one fan gushed. “You are cute,” another follower wrote. “AS YOU SHOULD,” a third fan exclaimed. “Body-ody-ody-ody,” another follower teased. “I literally melt for you,” another fan gushed while another follower called her a “Hottie with a BODY!”

Both Kayla and Aubrey Are Making New Fans With Their Steamy Snaps!

Instagram | Kayla Simmons

In another Instagram post, Kayla decided to work on her tan in Los Angeles, California. She posted a steamy snap that featured her reading a book while lying topless on her stomach. Her sunned buns are on full display in a black thong, but it is clear that she is not leaving much to the imagination.

In the caption, she joked, “Had to crop my toes out.” Rapper Yung Gravy teased, “Who left the dogs out?” Another follower joked, “I would have been upset if the toes were in here. Can’t just be giving that away for free!” A few fans were surprised that she was trying to tan when it didn’t even appear to be sunny outside, but many of her followers still gushed over her “stunning” snap!

Instagram | Aubrey Roberts

In another Instagram snap, Aubrey hit the hot tub as she smiles for the shot. Her long hair is tied back behind her in a ponytail as she poses with her hands on her knees. She is still wearing the same black and white polka dot bikini bottoms, but this time, she has added a white bikini top secured in the front with a bow.

“All smiles on this side,” she wrote in the caption of the post. “Love this,” one fan commented. “So cute!” another follower exclaimed. “Such a cutie,” a third fan agreed. “You’re adorable,” another follower gushed. “Gorgeous,” another fan shared while another follower called her a “Tan goddess.”

So Who Is The Hottest Girl In Volleyball? You Decide!

Fans who want to see more of Kayla Simmons can check out her posing in a drawstring bikini by clicking here!

Fans who want to see more of Aubrey Roberts can check out her sunbathing on the beach in a blue bikini by clicking here!

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