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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Electric Vehicles for ANY Budget in 2022”
  1. Watch next ➡ Tesla’s Hidden Battery Options for 2022: https://youtu.be/0Yo0QRUe5uk

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  2. Good clear and quick review on the EVs. The Nvidia based self-driving capability of the Mercedes-Benz is far superior to Tesla’s and I’ve used Tesla’s for years.
    However, the investment advice was terrible. There are much better things to invest in

  3. You’ll often hear that a credit is worth “up to” a certain amount. “Up to” is the critical modifier. The federal incentive is usually referred to as a flat $7,500 credit, but it’s only worth $7,500 to someone whose tax bill at the end of the year is $7,500 or more. Let’s say you buy a Nissan Leaf or other eligible EV and you owe $4,000 in income tax for a particular year. That’s all the tax credit will be. Uncle Sam’s not writing a refund check for the other $3,500. And an unused portion of the credit can’t be applied against the following year’s taxes. This is because the electric vehicle tax credit is nonrefundable. It can bring your federal tax bill to zero, but it will not stack on to a potential tax refund.

    The other problem is mid to low income people / families are not going to be able to afford a new EV and the likelihood of “Good” use EV in 10,12 years of use isn’t likely (due to battery degeneration and who’s going to pay $15,000 – $25,000 to put a new battery in a old vehicle ? ) you can get a 10 year old ice mechanically sound vehicle for $8,000 and $10,000 which would be in there budget and drive it for another 10 years.

  4. Good video. They’re still not an option for me with the limited infrastructure in my area and the need to go about 500 miles per trip. I’ll wait a few more years, although the Toyota got my attention.

  5. They are just going to have to develop nuclear portable batteries for electric cars, to get around all the charging problems… the gas industry is just going to have to be let go… the new jobs it creates should be first given to the businesses it impacts, for those who can make the transition.. to stop the gas industry from secretly destroying the new tech.

  6. The last week 3 major explosions with lithium batteries killing 12 people. Elec bike in Vancouver ca. blows up killing one. Tesla blows up in Toronto ca. killing three and city bus in NY city blows up killing seven passengers and one driver. They elec vehicles are seriously flawed and should never be allowed to be sold or used ever. Killing even one person is way too many. STOP ALL SALES OF ELEC VEHICLES NOW.

  7. The environmentalists all want to get rid of all of our fossil fuels and everyone have electric cars and I get the environmental argument but I do not grasp how our electrical grid can handle all our cars plugged in every night? Are we all gonna have to have our own windmills in all of our front yards? I guess you electrical engineers 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 have it under control but I’m not seeing it being feasible.

  8. Is Ioniq 5 already wrecked on both sides? What is that diagonal cress on the lateral doors? Mate, your wife has taste, she’s right … The design of Ioniq 5 is cartoonish.

  9. 6$US/Gallon : Canada is paying 1.78$US/litre
    #ToyotaRAV4prime isn’t a bargain, it’s a ripOFF!
    It’s nothing more than a RAV4 with a Hybrid Engine… NOT IMPRESSED!

  10. Les then a month ago i bought my Tesla Model 3 Long Range and twee weeks ago me and my Wife started a long journey all from Netherlands to France, Spain and now we are in Portugal. Tomorrow we head up back to home and I can t describe how wonderful this car is and this is the only car I can recommend to anyone who is seriously considering to buy a electric car. I calculated, only in this journey I spare about 250€ on gas. I will never go back to patrol or diesel and will probably stick to only Tesla for a long time.

  11. Tesla is horrible as a car company. Every single vehicle they have made has been recalled at some point. They are loud as far as cabin noise. Volt is the only vehicle that has true hands free highway driving…. Tesla does not have that!

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