Tright here’s a hidden gem tucked in Howeverler County. An artwork set up that reclaimed an deserted coal mine for native plant and animal species. Final month, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh hosted a nature outing tright here in Reference to The current artwork exhibit, I would like All of it, by Italian artworkist Poala Pivi, which bridges The connection between human manipulation and wildlife.

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The museum bussed 18 partworkicipants to The property of artwork environmental reclamation artworkist Angelo Ciotti to Research his 22-acre eartworkhwork, Twin Stupas and the chook conservation work tright here.

Jose Diaz, chief curator On the Warhol, coordinated this event with avian conservation biologist Nick Liadis over a yr in the past.

“Tright here’s A very strong ecosystem that’s been revitalized and to convey science and The humanities collectively I really feel is one factor that Andy Warhol would have celebrated,” he said.

Definitely one of Pivi’s set ups consists of 27 feather-coated baby polar bears mimicking human conduct. It Pertains to “sculpture and inventive esthetics, However in addition to the animal kingdom,” Diaz said.

Paola Pivi’s colourful featright hered polar bears from exhibit “I would like All of it” Photograph: Jacqui Sieber / The Allegheny Entrance

With Pivi’s …….



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