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I’m Ezra Klein. That is the “Ezra Klein Current.”

So we’re right here. We’re doing it, the prolonged awaited Ask Me Anyskinnyg episode. And that i’m be a part ofed for it To answer a bunch of questions Which have been despatched in by you and curated by our group — by our good professionalducer, Annie Galvin, who’s going to each ask them and primarytain my ft to The hearth if I utterly dodge them. So, Annie, On A daily basis a pleaassembleive.

annie galvin

Thanks, Ezra. Joyful to be right here. All proper, so let’s start with a take pleasure inable question. After which we’ll get to the deeper ones. So Matt Isn’t alone in needing you To converse Regarding the aliens, particularly in mild Of prefacetncy U.F.O. reviews. And simply To professionalvide Barely context, final month, officers tprevious Congress thOn the UAP, Unrecognized Aerial Phenomena, database now inagencys about 400 reviews. And apparently, tright here’s been much less stigma round reporting them. So What’s your study on aliens These days, Ezra?

ezra klein

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