Here are the electric cars coming in 2022, a record year for EV launches

The Hyundai Ioniq5, BMW iX 50 and electric Silverado are among the most anticipated new cars with a plug. Before you buy any …

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Well that 2022 release date got pushed fast…
Hmm apparently 🤔 no EV will be released in 2022…
There’s gonna be alot fires in 2023..
Musk is moving to hydrogen because the obvious fire hazard these batteries make.

The last week 3 major explosions with lithium batteries killing 12 people. Elec bike in Vancouver ca. blows up killing one. Tesla blows up in Toronto ca. killing three and city bus in NY city blows up killing seven passengers and one driver. They elec vehicles are seriously flawed and should never be allowed to be sold or used ever. Killing even one person is way too many. STOP ALL SALES OF ELEC VEHICLES NOW.

who pays for the electricity to charge these vehicles? and-what happens if the grid goes down? lololololol -who would ever spend money on this !!!??? they have the technology to create cars that are powered by eco fuel but they wont do it bc no one will profit from it.

I’m  a busy person,  I’ve  have better things to do, .. than to sit at a charging station picking my nose while waiting and waiting for vehicle to charge … that’s a good name for these stations ….. NOSE PICKING STATIONS

Very straightforward review and honest. Among the most anticipated new plug-in vehicles are the Hyundai Ioniq5, BMW iX 50, and electric Silverado. What I believe is touch displays or screens are convenient, but they aren’t suitable for use on rough roads…. What do you guys think? Thanks for posting such excellent content!!!

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