JEDDAH: “The space From Right here,” an exhibition currentcasing completely different perceptions about space and time, is being held at Hayy Arts in Jeddah.

The exhibition, Which might run till Oct. 25, brings collectively the works of 20 artworkists from Korea, India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Morocco, the US, Britain and Syria. 

“It is think abouting time and space, and as people, The thought Of our environment Inside the Earlier couple of years by way of the pandemic and every thing that has been occurring. It’s actually reflecting on this superb shift That is Happening in Saudi On this good time for the artwork in The dominion,” director of Art Jameel, Antonia Cartworker, informed Arab Information.

Hayy Arts, the museum factor of Hayy Jameel, is internet hosting the event.

Cartworker added: “Right here, We’re very eager To actually get exhibitions Which will get everyone considering. So, We’ll startwork with An idea and work with the artworkists That are very idea-pushed.”


A pair of of In all probability the most eye-catching works embrace ‘The Classroom’ by Hicham Benohoud and the ‘Rubbing/Loving, STPI, Artist Studio 38, 41 Robertson Quay, Singapore, 238236’ by Do Ho Suh.

Every inventive thoughts has chosen A particular medium to metaphorically and bodily categorical their message about space and time. The Broad selection of mediums embraces textiles, videography, pictures, painting, weaving And a lot of others to encapsulate their ideas. 




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