Goaso — Using mercury in gold refining has environmental and well being implications right now and The Prolonged time period, Dr Jackson Adiyiah Nyantakyi, the Ahafo Areaal Director, Environmental Safety Agency (EPA), has reechoed.

Dr Nyantakyi in a currentation dubbed, Greening the ‘clear’ enterprise To deal with environmental and well being ramifications, said poor enterprise environment hadvert dire well being and environmental penalties.

He madverte the disclosure at a sensitisation workshop for about 30 artisans and small – scale miners (ASM) throughout the Ahafo Area, at Goaso, the Areaal capital, on Tuesday.

The Areaal Director famous that EPA’s routine monitoring actions and environmental surveillance Inside the Ahafo Area hadvert revealed some buildings Presupposed to be housing processing of mined tailings in some parts of The world.

Dr Nyantakyi indicated that sources of mercury emission included volcanic exercise, weathering of rocks, water physique movement, forest fires, organic processes and intentional utilization of mercury.

“Mercury Is definitely absorbed into the human blood stream by way of the pores and skin, inhaled into the lungs and digestive system, absorbed by fishes, micro – organisms and completely different meals chain,” he said.

Dr Nyantakyi said pores and skin rashes, physique discoloration, tough pores …….



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