By John Newbery | 16 June 2022

HOW extreme are the influences of backside trawling? We rec fishers have hugely regarded it as a devilish apply, wrecking the spaces By which it’s undertaken. Many scientists, collectively with Professor Daniel Pauly from the College of British Columbia, advocate An complete ban on backside trawling. Pauly, the world’s most cited fisheries scientist in 2020, believes that it’s inconceivable To reinformationrce the apply, which he argues Leads to The complete destruction of fishing grounds. Pauly’s been quoted as saying that if somebody proposed backside trawling as A mannequin new fishing method right now, it wouldn’t be allowed. He contends The one set off it’s tolerated is as a Outcome of it was launched 2 hundred years in the past. Bit like enterprise-induced atmospheric air pollution?

A current CSIRO research that assessed the standing of twenty-4 huge marine areas the place trawling occurs presents A particular view. Professor Ray Hilborn from the College of Washington and Dr Roland Pitcher from the CSIRO are extra optimistic. Of their findings they reported that when trawling is dealt with sustainably its influence on the Lifetime of the seabed flooring is low. Of the twenty-4 areas, fifteen had a “decrease diploma of general influence” although 1.5 per cent of The complete space studied had “full modification of the pre-trawling ecological communities”. The research additionally recognized Pretty A pair of areas with huge spaces Which have been so intensively …….



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