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WhatCar #BestEVs2022 #BestElectricCars With the electric car market BOOMING, do you have your eye on an EV? Watch to find …

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Strange isnt it.

We had electric cars and trucks back in the early 1900’s?? plenty of evidence to support that. So plenty of focus in the 20th century on electric and suddenly we to gas and petrol??

Everything is money for the families that control the world!

The EV6 is one of the most affordable, with a price difference of 6000 and a range that is remarkably similar to others. To me, this appears to be incredible. It’s a gorgeous combination with standard technology, fast charging, tons of interior space for rear passengers, and a 7-year warranty.

I drove a vw id4 base model. And honestly… electric cars are better. The charging sucks. Because road trips are longer and i think that needs to be addressed. I was in a dangerous area at night. So maybe make my car go into batmobile mode. Lay back lock everything black the windows out. While i take a damn nap.

If you are looking for a sub 25k electric SUV with a 300+ mile range then the Hyundai Kona or VW ID4 might work (with govt grants in the UK).
Prices or electric cars need to come down to make it more appealing. Take the BMW X3 around £40k new and it’s electric version around £60k!

They can stick their electric cars… just another con….Electric car buyers will get screwed and raped hard by ev government taxes starting at 2.5cents per km indexed to rise in Australia..those who think they will be better off are delusional

It’s not booming down south . During hurricane season , during evacuating in constant flo , we couldn’t use electric cars to make 3 hr trip because it takes 7 hrs with gas cars , electric would take alot longer .

FYI in Canada price are similar, but Tesl;a 3 with long range battery and taxes. it is 100k. base base no taxe 75k. Still a bit out of reach for many, and a audi or bmw may actually be cheaper by a longshot

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