Final week, heads of state and completely different world leaders, collectively with United Nations Secretary-Widespread António Guterres, gathered in Stockholm to commemorate the anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Human Environment held 50 yrs earlier. Many historians think about this second to have been the daybreak of The trfinishy worldwide environmental movement. 

We understand right now thOn The important advantages of a healthful planet Aren’t foreordained. As I sat listening to the Stockholm+50 delegates converse about The significance of the 1972 conference, the question I Might not escape was, “What if that meeting had by no means taken place?” What if these leaders had by no means gathered and declared the environment to be A critical worldwide political problem? What would our world Appear to be right now if leaders in 1972 had NOT created the United Nations Environment Program? What if That they had not galvanized A worldwide movement To save tons of the planet? 

What occurred in Stockholm 50 yrs in the past was revolutionary. Unprecedented. Visionary. It was exhausting. It broke by way of All of the strain to develop, extract, and exploit the pure world. It modified the course of historic previous and led us to right now — a second By which environmental shieldion Is understood to be important to our collective prosperity, safety, and safety. </…….



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